With their voices moving together in tight harmony or intertwining in a whirling tempo, the highly acclaimed folk vocal group Kongero draws traditional Swedish music out of the past and into the present. A concert with Kongero will take the listener on a fabulous journey, an all-embracing Scandinavian folk music experience. Blue notes, amazing vocal polyphony, groovy, powerful, and intimate. The band was f ormed in 2005 and besides doing concerts they also conduct well-received workshops in traditional Swedish vocal music and vocal harmonies.

Their fourth and long awaited album KOM was released at Ransäterstämman in Sweden, followad by a release tour during 2017/2018, including Europe, Noth America and Caribbean.    Kongero has released four albums. The debut ”Om Mikaelidagen” in 2008, ”Bakvända världen” in 2011, ”no. 3” in 2014 and "KOM" in 2017. Their music has been sampled, has appeared in movie productions, has featured on a Naxox gold album and more. They have also released a Song book with some of their most appreciated workshop material. Song book no 2 will be released in the end of 2017.  


"We had these ladies to kick off our Sol European Forum in Stockholm, they really owned the crowd, beautiful!"

- Paul Van Nobelen

”De fyra unga kvinnorna i sånggruppen Kongero är något av folkmusikens The Real Group.”

- Lars Landström, Allehanda.se

"Living proof that AUTOTUNE didn't need to be invented"

- Paul White, Soundonsound

"This group is a revelation. The beauty of the four voices is equaled only by the pristine, flawless arrangements. They provide a stunning example of a marriage between the traditional and the innovative. This magical Swedish music very much deserves to be heard far and wide."

- Jeff Meshel, Music journalist

"I normally don't like A Cappella groups, but when they keep the pitch and are as amusing as Kongero, I love it! Four skilled soloists that can sing together as one voice."

- Bart De Cock, Flanders, Belgium