We got together in Värmland, Sweden a couple of weeks ago to record a concert for 
Harbourfront Centre, Toronto. You can now watch this video on their website, see link below. Enjoy!

With their voices moving together in tight harmony or intertwining in a whirling tempo, the highly acclaimed folk vocal group
Kongero draws traditional Swedish music out of the past and into the present. A concert with Kongero will take the listener on a fabulous journey, an all-embracing Scandinavian folk music experience. Blue notes, amazing vocal polyphony, groovy, powerful,
and intimate. The band was formed in 2005 and besides doing concerts they also conduct well-received
workshops in traditional Swedish vocal music and vocal harmonies.

Kongero has toured the world (Europe, North America, and Asia) and has released five studio albums: ”Om Mikaelidagen”
in 2008, ”Bakvända världen” in 2011, ”no. 3” in 2014, "KOM" in 2017 and a collaboration CD with Massivet in 2018.
Their music has been sampled, has appeared in movie productions, on a Naxos gold compilation album etc. 

They've also released two Song Books with some of their most appreciated workshop material. 

"Mitt Hela Hjärta" Music: E. Björling, Lyrics: Trad. / E. Björling
Video by Matt Miles and Eva Anandi Brownstein


“Terrific. Like camping out in a Swedish forest and hearing tales of joy, love, sadness, errant cattle, Estonian islands & too many beers.  
Kongero made the audience’s heart sing with their soaring, 
blended vocal dexterity and charm.” - Adrian Mealing, UK Touring

”De fyra unga kvinnorna i sånggruppen Kongero är något av folkmusikens The Real Group.”
- Lars Landström, Allehanda.se

"Living proof that AUTOTUNE didn't need to be invented"
- Paul White, Soundonsound

"We had these ladies to kick off our Sol European Forum in Stockholm, they really owned the crowd, beautiful!" 
- Paul Van Nobelen 

"I normally don't like A Cappella groups, but when they keep the pitch and are as amusing as Kongero, I love it!  Four skilled soloists that can sing together as one voice."
- Bart De Cock, Flanders, Belgium

"This group is a revelation. The beauty of the four voices is equaled only by the pristine, flawless arrangements.  They provide a stunning example of a marriage between the traditional and the innovative.  This magical Swedish music very much deserves to be heard far and wide."
- Jeff Meshel, Music journalist


Sweden +46 702205199
International +46 705840178



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